Friday, January 27, 2012

One of those days....

Approximately 342 days of the year, I have "one of those days".
This type of day means I am sitting at work with a long list (crafts I would like to be doing, books I would like to be reading, and recipes I would like to be cooking) running through my head.
Today is one of those days.
To honor it, here is my list of "If I had my druthers I would be.... "
  • At home taking down my Christmas tree, but stringing up more beautiful lights in my apartment.
  • Cleaning out my craft closet (organizing is the better word to use, since I know I wouldn't actually throw any craft items away)
  • Participating in the National Soup Month by putting potato soup in the crockpot
  • Cashing in my free coffee coupon at Starbucks
  • Playing James Morrison quietly in the background
  • Hanging up the heart garland my friend Kate made for me
  • Making a "Take What You Need Sign" for all the people I love (I will post on this later, as it really is a sweet idea)
  • Making Gavin's prayer chain, and Kyle's bracelets that they have so very patiently been waiting for (sorry guys)
  • Reading Flashbang!
  • Writing scriptures on pieces of cardboard to hang on my walls
  • Planning spring time decorations
  • Browsing through my latest Martha Stewart magazine with a pack of post-its close at hand
  • Placing my PRE study guide underneath a magazine so that I can ignore it's calls to study
  • Attempting to find a Peter Pan shadow decal for sale on the internet
  • Cuddling with Rilla, my sweet kitty
  • Planning next weeks recipes/menu
  • Watching the Civil Wars cover of "Billie Jean", maybe... eh, twenty-seven times
  • Planning a cruise with my friend Lynde
  • Sewing handkerchiefs onto my living room couch pillows
  • Copying poems, quotes and scriptures into my "Collections" journal
  • Journaling
If you check back again with me next week, I'm sure I'll have the same list stuck in my head.
The whole idea of "I want to be at home - taking care of my nest, cooking, and crafting" is not a new idea for me.
Note: While I talk about all the things I want to be doing at home... I am so blessed to have the job(s) that I do. I am getting paid to sit here, blogging and doing homework. I have an internship with people that I absolutely love, get along with really well, and I get to work with teenage boys that are funny, clever and brave.
I have a blessed life.

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