Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas day was wonderful.

It started with me waking up extremely early, at six thirty, and drinking coffee in the living room by our beautiful Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree this year is probably the best we have ever had. I like really rustic trees. I think that someday I will want to find a place to cut down my own Christmas tree. Our tree this year was close enough. Tall, not very straight, bushy, uneven, with rugged edges it was perfect. And it was here that mom and I sat with our cups of coffee and a biscotti to talk until Dad woke up.

Dad didn’t wake up when I wanted him to, so at seven thirty I ran and jumped on his bed squealing and shouting that Santa had been here and I wanted to open presents. Ha! I’m totally kidding! I don’t believe Santa’s real. I did however run and jump on his bed, begging him to get up.

After Dad got up, Mom made us the traditional Sooter breakfast. Thankfully, someday I will become Julia Childs and live in Paris wearing pearls and an apron… meaning I won’t be making or eating the traditional breakfast of the manly men of the Sooter family. My dad insists that, for Christmas, Easter, and his Birthday, Mama fix oatmeal topped with runny eggs, crisp bacon… and chili – no beans. Mmm. Both my Grandpa and my Dad have always loved this.

Of course, immediately after breakfast we opened presents. My parents are probably the most thoughtful, wonderful, generous parents ever. Literally. I got a beautiful plaid coat, an iTunes card, three beautiful scarves, a pair of shoes, two cardigans (I love me some cardigans), and MOVIES!! I love movies. My two favorites I got are Julie & Julia and Wolverine. Do people ever grow out of it? The excitements of ripping open a beautifully wrapped present? I don’t think so.

After presents Mama and I went to the kitchen to cook. She made molasses cookies, sugar cookies, and got all of the chips and stuff ready. I made spinach and artichoke dip, tomato and bacon tartlets, and set out the rest of the stuff. Since the snacks were ready for the day, Dad and I sat back in our chairs to watch Wolverine. I’m making Jennifer a scarf for her Christmas present, so I worked on that.

The rest of the day was spent in doing nothing… I turned on Sirius Holiday Traditions (Christmas music from the 40’s), we snacked, mom and I worked on a puzzle, I knitted, we watched movies. That’s it. And it was perfect.

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  1. That was so sweet, Savannah. That is exactly the kind of day I dream about -- a Christmas day with wonderful, personal traditions that I wish I could have experienced with my parents and my son and husband. But I know that the reunion the Lord has planned for us in Heaven will be so much more than anything I can dream up in my mind and heart, and I look forward to that.