Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For "those" people...

So, for "those" of you who are *cough*technologically-impaired*cough* unable to leave a comment on my blog... here is what you do.
Underneath a post there is a place that will say "2 Comments" or however many comments there are... Click that. Write you comment in the text box. Underneath that box it says, "Comment as:" Scroll down that and choose how to comment as. I would suggest the "Name/Url". Type in your name, so I know who you are, but leave the url box blank. Click "Post Comment". I think that should work!!

Haha! Please know that I didn't mean this is in a bad way, I'm totally picking on two specific people! You should know who you are. ;)
Love you both! Hope you can leave comments... because I like comments. =)

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